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Your Comprehensive Service Solutions

At Multi Group of Companies, we offer a diverse range of services designed to streamline your operations and enhance your business growth. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet your unique needs, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and exceptional results. Whether you require assistance with booth installations, cargo consolidation, warehouse storage, heavy equipment, or transportation, we have the expertise and resources to deliver seamless service experiences.

Empowering Your Business Through Expertise and Efficiency

Our Services

Booth Installation

We offer sate-of-the-art aluminum booth structures that can be adapted to any form or function. Since 2004 we have been designing, planning and co-ordinating successful exhibitions and functions.

Warehouse Storage

We take pride in offering safe and secure warehouse storage solutions. Our expansive facility spans over forty-four thousand square feet of secured warehouse space, providing ample room for your storage needs. Conveniently situated in Eteck Park, Frederick Settlement, Caroni, we offer easy access to all major ports, ensuring efficient transportation.


Consolidated Cargo

Our team understands that even the smallest cargo can have a huge impact on a business LCL is perfect for small and medium enterprises who may not have enough capacity to fill a full container or large and medium enterprises who have fluctuating demands or want to explore new market endeavors. When you choose LCL, we at Multi Group of Companies coordinate, consolidate, and transport your smaller quantities of cargo with other LCL shipments and ensure that you pay as per your utilization.


Loading and Unloading Containers

At The Multi Group of Companies, we pride ourselves on our ability to ensure the safety and efficiency of container loading and unloading. Situated in our secured, centrally located facility in Eteck Park, Frederick Settlement, Caroni, we offer not only a safe environment but also expedited service. With our dedicated loading and offloading bay, we guarantee the shortest possible turnaround time for your containers.

Heavy Equipment Rental/Purchasing

Our team of dedicated and experienced individuals is committed to providing heavy equipment sales and rental of the highest quality to meet your specified needs. Whether you want to sell, buy or rent, contact us!

Transportation Services

We can provide transportation for any types of loads that may be required. Whether it be covered break bulk cargo or flatbed services, we can tailor to your every need.

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