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A Legacy of Trust, Quality, and Global Reach

Portrait of CEO, Mr. Jagnanan Sookoo

Who we are:

We are a family-owned conglomerate with a rich history spanning over 35 years. Our journey began with a passion for trade and a commitment to excellence, and today, we are a leading force in import, export, distribution, and a wide range of services.

Who We Are.
What We Do.

We are a team of dedicated professionals with a shared vision of fostering enduring relationships throughout our value chain. We believe in providing quality services to all our clients and ensuring the longevity and stability of our organization for future generations.

We specialize in importing, exporting, and distributing a diverse range of products, from food and beverages to household goods and industrial materials. We also offer a comprehensive suite of services, including booth installation, consolidated cargo, warehouse storage, heavy equipment rental, and transportation.


Global Recognition: Recognized for Quality and Business Prestige in 2017 in Madrid, Spain.

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Early Days of the Founder

“A journey of passion, dedication and devotion”

In a rural district of Eastern Trinidad on April 17, 1952, a child entered the world, adding to a bustling family of six siblings. His arrival coincided with his parents’ acquisition of a new home, providing ample space for play and fostering a close-knit familial environment. Education was easily accessible as the school was a mere walk away where he completed his elementary education and obtained his School Leaving Certificate.

He then furthered his studies at St. Andrews College and graduated with distinction in Business Administration and Accounting. His adeptness in language and mathematics secured him a teaching position at the college, a role that scarcely challenged his considerable talents. Meanwhile, his elder brother worked on an estate that employed over two hundred workers. Hearing of a vacant accountant position through his brother, he promptly applied and was immediately hired. In this role, he was able to impact the lives of many as he offered to tutor individuals during his spare time. After hours and on weekends, he utilized his brother’s car for hire, aiming to alleviate his financial burdens while also assisting his growing family, now supported primarily by his father, a taxi driver.

One day, a potential buyer approached him with an enticing offer for the taxi, recognizing the opportunity, his brother and himself agreed to the sale, reaping a tidy profit. This cycle repeated, each transaction yielding significant returns that were shared between them. With his newfound capital, he soon procured his own vehicle, marking a step towards greater financial independence.

During his tenure as the Estate Accountant and Paymaster, his managerial prowess became evident as employees sought his guidance to address their concerns, often acting as a liaison between them and the higher-ups. His duties extended beyond the confines of the estate, requiring regular travels to various locations for payroll disbursements due to the company’s widespread agricultural operations. These journeys provided him with exposure to luxury vehicles and opportunities to interact closely with the company’s leadership, fostering a burgeoning passion for driving.

One fateful day, perusing a newspaper, he stumbled upon a job listing for a chauffeur to drive a Mercedes Benz. Without hesitation, he applied and swiftly secured the position, now serving as the chauffeur to a discerning businessman.

During his free hours, he eagerly pitched in at the office, readily tackling errands and any necessary tasks. His dedication did not go unnoticed, with both his supervisor and boss closely observing his contributions. Within a mere three months, his proficiency earned him a role assisting in the Accounts Department, followed shortly by a promotion to Company Supervisor. His proactive initiatives to bolster the business led to further recognition, culminating in his appointment as the company’s manager.

During his time here, he fostered relationships with numerous business associates who would later become instrumental in his entrepreneurial journey. Through their support, providing goods on consignment, a strong collaborative bond flourished. As the operations rapidly expanded in just a few months, it was necessary for the formal registration of a company to accommodate the growing clientele as it became clear that full-time dedication was imperative.

Engaged in a diverse array of trade, spanning from consumer goods to construction materials, the business demanded a name reflective of its multifaceted activities. Consequently, the first company was created, Multi Marketing Agency Limited , by its founder, Jagnanan Sookoo which was just the start.

Group Formation

The journey of the Multi Group of Companies to become what it is today is indeed contiguous with the story of its founder and CEO, Mr. Jagnanan Sookoo. Through his humility, spirituality and ambition to become a successful businessman and create a better life for himself and his family, Mr. Sookoo was able to build an organization spanning six companies in various industries.

  • Multi Marketing Agency Ltd (16th March 1987)
  • Multi Food Processors Ltd (1st September 1988)
  • Shirina Enterprises Ltd (30th April 1993)
  • Shivnarisa Import & Export (7th November 2001)
  • Shivron International Food Consolidators Ltd (8th July 2003)
  • Jaipur Trading Ltd (2nd May 2005)
  • Parker Security Foundation Ltd (4th May 2006)

The Group is now owned, operated and continues to grow steadfastly under its Founder and his children.

Core Values

  • Honesty, integrity spirituality and responsibility


  • The Multi Group of Companies aspires to achieve global recognition by strategically expanding into diverse and competitive markets worldwide


  • Foster enduring relationships throughout our value chain.
  • To provide quality services to all our clients.
  • To ensure the longevity and stability of the organization for future generations.
  • To expand market share in profitable sectors, emphasizing sustained customer satisfaction.
  • Cultivating well-trained, motivated, and dedicated employees.
  • Maintaining a substantial market presence both locally and regionally.
  • To uphold environmental consciousness in all endeavors
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